Financial Aid Data Gathering


Financial Aid Data Gathering

Get a piece of the Financial Aid Pie!

Gathering the Data and Processing it. This is where we take care of filling out the correct forms. Our clients receive specialized and individualized attention through the entire financial aid process. The average family that participates in one of our college planning network programs receives $19,075 per year in financial aid. Our average “under awarded” family (after appeal by our CPN team) receives additionally about  $4,809 per year in aid..

We assist you in finding the best school you can afford, while helping you pay the least amount possible.
  • College planning checklist with all timelines & deadlines that are updated electronically & E-Mailed every time something is completed or missing
  • What combination of sessions would best suit your Student’s individual needs
  • Free Bonus – complete free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Register your student for The CSS PROFILE
  • Complete any additional forms required by the individual schools
  • Confirm the accuracy of  the Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the SAR
  • Advise and counsel on Stafford and PLUS loan applications
  • Provide protection from being overlooked for grants, scholarships or loans due to mistakes in your financial aid forms

Picking out the right college doesn’t end at the award letter. We’ll help you through the appeals process too.
  • Spreadsheet up to 3 award letters and professionally evaluate if your offer was fair
  • Provide tested appeal letters if you were under-awarded